2018…here we go!

well 2018 is here and it’s going…it came quick and hit the ground running.

I can’t believe it’s already 22 days into the new year, time stops for no one. But in the start of the new year I’ve finally found the time to reflect, pray, and dream for 2018…a few days late, but hey life happens.

I have a friend who introduced me to this practice of adopting a word for your year. A word to hold onto for the whole year and see what God does. As I began to pray for 2018 and the world that God has for me I couldn’t help but look back at 2017.

2017 was a hard year. One to bury in a box, to never look back on again. It threw me off course more times than I would like to count, but somehow, I am here in 2018 knowing what it means to dwell in a place of self-grace. What is self-grace? It is my word of the year and means to simply allow yourself to be who you are…all of the crazy, the pain, the dreams, the confusion, the joy, the restlessness, the doubt…it’s accepting what you are feeling, recognizing what brought you to this point and truly believing what you are going through to be valid. It’s knowing we are exactly where we are supposed to be no matter the circumstance because our mighty Author won’t lead us astray.

Moving forward into 2018 though…it’s on my heart to encourage you (and myself) to keep accepting yourself and smothering yourself in self-grace. (this is what I’m learning) What does that look like? Well it’s different for each of us…

Maybe it’s quitting a job or asking for a raise.

Maybe it’s packing your bags or deciding to finally sit still.

It could be learning a new skill or giving one up that doesn’t make your soul feel alive.

It might be deciding to stay with that person despite everything or knowing the healthiest thing is going your separate ways.

Perhaps it’s deciding to start your family or changing directions on how you go about doing that.

It could be changing majors in university or taking the risk to walk away from what you thought your future was always supposed to look like.

Moving back home or to a new city where you know no one.

Maybe you finally make that appointment with the counselor whose number you have been holding onto forever.

Maybe you finally call that person who hurt your heart so badly once, but you are ready to tell them you forgive them.

Your sight might be set to touch the highest of mountain tops or to take that literal jump out of the plane to feel your body soar through the sky.

Maybe it’s allowing 2018 to be the year of saying no or possibly finally saying yes…

Whatever it is for you, LET IT BE. You do you. Allow yourself to be inspired, but don’t conform. Take that leap or actually… let yourself sit still. (sounds harder than you think) When you feel lost, know you are far from alone. You are surrounded by people who love you and a unrelentless God who will be with you no matter which direction you choose to go.

Cheers to a 2018, a whole new year ahead of us…we still have 343 days this year to make them look like however you dream of them looking like and when they start to look different, embracing them and yourself anyway.


Fast No More, but continue to Seek God



Well as you can see I am back on media outlets. The fast is over; 5 days without any media and no sweet treats. I have survived. (now mind you my birthday was on Wednesday, so fasting during my birthday week was a lot harder than expected) But As I walk out of Seek Week I enter this time of new beginnings with a new perspective, a changed heart, and refueled passion. I must say last week was kind of nice. I felt as though I was more alive. I was present in the everyday beauty and the simple things.

The intentional quiet time, the intentional conversations with God, and the time set apart was something that I always long for, yet I rarely make time for. I feel as though I am coming out of this time a new person almost. It’s always nice to intentionally set aside time for God because truth is HE listens and HE will meet you where you need to be met.

Here are some things that I learned this past week:

  • God speaks when you are willing to listen
  • He will use other people to speak to you
  • He will meet you where you need to be met

God has a way of revealing Himself to us and sometimes it is a little overwhelming. I entered Seek Week coming into a new season of life and waiting on the Lord. I am using this month of September to wait and see where the Lord is calling me next and what plans He has for this new season. And this past week at one of the Seek Week Celebrations there was a lady who asked if she could pray for me. I saw no harm in letting this woman pray over me, but what she prayed for was exactly what I was seeking.

She prayed that I would let God use me because He isn’t finished with me. That I would trust in His will because this is only the beginning and that I would be refueled and rejuvenated this week. WHAT?! now you can imagine at this time I am filled with the Spirit and chills ran up my body. Here this complete stranger, she has no idea of what I ‘m thinking or going through, prays for what I’m seeking. AMAZING BLESSING! I wish I could share every detail from last week with you, but that would just be too long. But I will say, I am refueled and their the fire within my heart has been rekindled. He has made me want nothing more than to serve Him.

Seek Week was an awesome time and I am blessed that my church takes this time to set aside intentional time with God. But it is also a good reminder that we should all take time to intentionally meet with God because God does speak!