Red X & Slavery . . .

Red X

On Thursday this past week you probably saw a lot of red X’s on peoples hands, most likey you had one yourself, and you saw a lot of #enditmovement or #endit on all social media platforms. I must say I had a red X on my hand and I fully support the movement and I strive to making people aware of this issue of modern day slavery. But I was posed with a good question by a friend that day. They asked me, “Why do you have a red X on your hand? Do you really believe that putting a red X on your hand will end slavery?” At first I was shaken by this question, but it brought a good point. What was the reason behind my choosing to have a red X on my hand.

I can agree that putting a red X on our hands did not end slavery. I woke up on Friday and those 27 million people were still in bondage through their various forms of slavery; human trafficing, prostitution, factory, labor, and more. But what it did was bring awareness through a simple act of putting red X on your hand. This symbol was something that brought hope and inspired so many people. It was much more than simply putting a red X on hand, it was about being a part of something much greater than yourself. We can only do so much on our own, but when we stand together we can make waves. It doesn’t mean that every person who put a red X on their hand is gonna be out there raiding brothels, storming factories, and questioning neighbors. But they are committed to standing up for justice.

In actuality we should all be a part of this End It Movement. I know that I’m not doing much to end slavery, but I am educating people, raising awareness, and praying. I have committed to pray for these people who are oppressed and suffering. I pray for freedom and redemption all through the work of Jesus Christ.
So I know that at the end of the day putting a red X on my hand won’t end slavery or bring drastic changes, but I know that I am part of a movement that is working for change and freedom. This symbol didn’t change anything, but if it inspires more people to fight, then I am all in. because a symbol or act don’t change things…people do!

A red X won’t end slavery, but the people who wear it just might…