New Year’s Resolution in February

I think we can all agree that The Wind Blew Hope could definitely use some love. And with a change of heart and a new mindset I have decided to make a new year’s resolution….in February. It’s never too late to start, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. With some recently events in my life I found it appropriate to start blogging again. With topics of death, life, love, mission, Jesus, life, and much more floating around in my head I have been journaling A LOT. So be on the lookout for some new post coming, at least once a month. And who knows maybe even more! 🙂


Here’s to 21!


Well my birthday was on Wednesday, but I was fasting from media last week so I never got to post, but it’s never too late.

20 was a great year! I close that chapter in life with so many opportunities and experience I am ever grateful for. I am carrying over new friendships and relationships I hope to grow in 21. So I hope you’re ready for me, cause 21 HERE I COME 🙂

As I go through life this 21st year I am inviting you all on this wild ride of 21. I have compiled a list of 21 things I wish to accomplish while I’m 21. I took suggestions from family, friends, twitter, facebook, and instagram. The list may be a little ambitious, but what’s life without risk and a little of a challenge. I am embracing this opportunity to grow as an individual, grow in relationships, and grow in faith. So with anymore here is the list:

(there is no particular order to this list and they can be accomplished in any and ever order I wish, I mean it is my life)

The Adventure of 21

1. Do 21 Random Acts of Kindness (let me know some of your ideas)

2. Go to 21 Different Concerts

3. Go on 21 Different Hikes

4. Run a Half Marathon  (maybe 22 will be a whole marathon, maybe haha)

5. Explore 21 Different Cities (now it can be any city; even one’s I’ve already been to. I just have to spend one whole day exploring the city)

6. Give $21 away every month to someone who needs it (in addition to my usual giving)

7. Spend at least 21 minutes talking to God everyday

8. Create 21 New Things (this can be anything like; recipes, a painting, a craft, building something, ect.

9. Watch 21 Sunrises and 21 Sunsets

10. Lose at least 21 pounds (twice)

12. Find 21 Geocaches

13.Visit 21 Different Farmer’s Markets/Street Fairs

14. Write 21 Old Fashion Handwritten Letters and Mail them to 21 Different People

15. Take 21 Selfies at 21 Different Locations

16. Visit 21 Museums or Art Galleries

17. Surprise 21 Different People (now this can be a surprise in any way, shape, or form)

18. Try 21 New Restaurants

19. Cook 21 Meals for family or Friends

20. Create a Start-Up

21. Make a Difference in 21 Strangers Lives (now this can be as simple as giving a smile, praying for them, carrying their groceries, saying “Hello”, ect.)

You may have noticed that I have skipped over #11, it’s not that I forgot, it’s because I am taking suggestions! Leave your suggestion on any social media and we’ll see what #11 holds for 21!

So the list has started and the clock is ticking! I invite you on this adventure with me and we’ll see what 21 has in store.

CHEERS FRIENDS! and Here’s to 21!


Fast No More, but continue to Seek God



Well as you can see I am back on media outlets. The fast is over; 5 days without any media and no sweet treats. I have survived. (now mind you my birthday was on Wednesday, so fasting during my birthday week was a lot harder than expected) But As I walk out of Seek Week I enter this time of new beginnings with a new perspective, a changed heart, and refueled passion. I must say last week was kind of nice. I felt as though I was more alive. I was present in the everyday beauty and the simple things.

The intentional quiet time, the intentional conversations with God, and the time set apart was something that I always long for, yet I rarely make time for. I feel as though I am coming out of this time a new person almost. It’s always nice to intentionally set aside time for God because truth is HE listens and HE will meet you where you need to be met.

Here are some things that I learned this past week:

  • God speaks when you are willing to listen
  • He will use other people to speak to you
  • He will meet you where you need to be met

God has a way of revealing Himself to us and sometimes it is a little overwhelming. I entered Seek Week coming into a new season of life and waiting on the Lord. I am using this month of September to wait and see where the Lord is calling me next and what plans He has for this new season. And this past week at one of the Seek Week Celebrations there was a lady who asked if she could pray for me. I saw no harm in letting this woman pray over me, but what she prayed for was exactly what I was seeking.

She prayed that I would let God use me because He isn’t finished with me. That I would trust in His will because this is only the beginning and that I would be refueled and rejuvenated this week. WHAT?! now you can imagine at this time I am filled with the Spirit and chills ran up my body. Here this complete stranger, she has no idea of what I ‘m thinking or going through, prays for what I’m seeking. AMAZING BLESSING! I wish I could share every detail from last week with you, but that would just be too long. But I will say, I am refueled and their the fire within my heart has been rekindled. He has made me want nothing more than to serve Him.

Seek Week was an awesome time and I am blessed that my church takes this time to set aside intentional time with God. But it is also a good reminder that we should all take time to intentionally meet with God because God does speak!


“Pray, Fast, and Seek God”

This week is Seek Week at my church, ROCKHARBOR, and I am taking this time to pray, fast, and seek God on a deeper intimate level and reorient my life with Christ. I will be fasting from ALL non-work/school media this week, which means no instagram, no Facebook, no television, no useless web browsing, and no blogging. I know this might seem strange to start a blog and then abandon it for a week, well I believe this is perfect timing. As I am entering a new season of my life I think this fast and break will be perfect to really see where God is calling me this next season.

You see I just finished my internship at church in Families Ministry, which I never would have imagined working with kids in ministry, but I must say I fell in love with it in 3 short months. I started at a new school with a new major and a new setting. I am now a Religion major at Liberty University located in Virginia, which I attend all online. This excites me because I am working towards my goal of working in ministry. I also transferred stores and I am at a new location with Starbucks, a store with good people and that I actually enjoy being at, even though it’s not my favorite job.

I will also be turning 21 on Wednesday. This is both exciting and intimidating at the same time, but I am looking forward to what 21 brings. I am compiling a list of 21 adventurous/rad/meaningful things I want to do while I’m 21. I will have that list on Wednesday, but later post on that though. (next Monday as I will be fasting media this week)

So as I am entering a time of new seasons I find this week to be perfect for me. It will be a great opportunity to seek the Lord intentionally and listen to where He is leading me this new season. I am both excited and a little bit scared as I have a feeling God is calling me out of my comfort zone, but I am taking this time to really wait and seek the Lord. This time is perfect for Him to reignite the fire He set in my heart and refuel my passion in serving Him. This week I will be praying for you and that God may meet you where you need to be met. I look forward to this week with Hope and I’ll catch all ya’ll next week!

Continue to seek Him with Hope!

First post…and I’m already asking what I got myself into…

Have you ever felt so compelled to do something so crazy and out of the ordinary for you that after you do it you ask yourself, “What did I just get myself into?”

Or am I the only one?

Well let’s just say this may  be one of those moments for me because I never imagined I would ever have the urge to write a blog. But somehow God really put it on my heart to start one. This past weekend at church we finished our series on the book of Acts. I must say it really was an inspiring series and I saw God meet me in some incredible ways. The work He did in my heart and my life really is something, but those will make for good post so I won’t ramble on.

Now I can’t say I’m gonna write some prophetic or noble peace prize blog. I’m not a professional writer and I’m no where near perfect, but if you’re willing to join me in this crazy adventure and come along for the ride, I can guarantee it won’t be boring.

In a broken world full of darkness I want my blog to be a place of inspiration and Hope. I am blessed to have the opportunity to be able to share and inspire. It is by the grace of God that I am doing this, so I welcome you on this journey with me and I look forward to where He leads us.

I’ll end by saying this….

the wind blew HOPE.