It Wasn’t Always FUN In Fundraising, But I Did Learn To Trust God In It

I am overwhelmed with joy in the accomplishment of completely fundraising my goal for my trip to Ghana this summer. To say this was an easy task and I never felt like giving up would be a complete lie, but then again fundraising never is.

I’ve had my fair share of times where I had to fundraise, for sports, camp, or mission trip, and every time I’ve always met my goal. I was always confident the funds would come in, yet in each circumstance I always seemed to stress the issue of having enough money. But for some reason this time seemed different.

This journey has been one of complete surrender and trust; surrender that God would have control of every aspect of my life in preparations for this trip: finances, heart, mind, and spirit. And Trust that God would provide the necessary means for this trip to happen. I don’t know what it is about this trip, but I’ve felt like the enemy has been constantly taunting me with false narratives or throwing curve balls at me like catapult.

Whether it be family situations, financial crisis, or job changes, this season of life has been a constant transition in the midst of fundraising for this trip to Ghana. It hasn’t been easy, but one thing has been ever clear in this season….God has my back. It’s been amazing to see the ways God has shown up in every so called “crisis situation.”

I remember times where I felt so defeated I almost gave up and backed out of the trip, but then a little whisper of hope from God would come through a friend or the director of program, affirming the fact that I am supposed to be on this trip; God had chosen me for this trip and picked me to take his love across the water to Ghana. Or the time when I was so defeated and in talks with the directors about dropping the program because my taxes had come in and ended up owing more money than I had expected. I remember praying to God in frustration and a little angry I must confess, asking Him to show me a sign or something that would give me hope. Well He heard me because the very next day a big portion of my fundraising came in affirming my place on this team.

In my lifegroup we’ve been studying the book of Hebrews. And to be honest it’s been really convicting, it’s been a reminder of how little faith I have sometimes, especially in this whole fundraising process. So often in Hebrews it says By Faith so and so did this….which is exactly where I needed to, but so often wasn’t.

So with the later half of my fundraising I made the commitment to have faith and not doubt the funds would come in, to completely trust God in this and surrender completely to Him. It was through the prayers and encouragement of my very supportive tribe and the grace of God that I was able to fundraise my complete amount with two days to spare, I feel like that was God showing me He had control the whole time.

So I leave you with a little encouragement; no matter the giant or circumstance that you are facing God is standing with you in it, so trust him and surrender the situation completely to him because you never know how he will show up.

Stay Rad.


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